Monday, March 9

Pass the torch here!

I got really excited when I read this article in the New York Times today, titled: Where to Pass the Torch?

Part of the reason I got excited is that I'm a sucker for celebrity.
And I totally know Anne Baker and Sally Burgess (mentioned multiple times in the article).

I've also been to the Hope Clinic multiple times to tour, meet with staff and run educational programs.

So, kind of neat for a little clinic in Granite City, IL to be making the health page of the NYtimes.

I was less excited by the time I finished the article.

The question posed by the article: who will take over the fight for women's reproductive rights?

Apparently a lot of 50+ year old women worry that no one will 'take up the torch.'

Which is a little frustrating.

I spent over a year working with a reproductive justice nonprofit. My boss was barely over 50, but my co-workers the interns etc. were almost all in their early 20s.

We regularly attracted large numbers of young adults to events.

I am now pursuing my masters and am focusing on population & reproductive health.

My cohort here at Hopkins (about 15 people) is almost exclusively made up of young women.

Seems like there are plenty of us ready and willing to take up the torch.

I think that this disconnect is both generational and technological.

Some people think that activism must be played out via marching on the mall in DC.

Those of us under the age of 30 may be more likely to blog, twitter, facebook or create a viral marketing campaign...and then maybe march. Maybe.

I don't disagree that it's frustrating that so little has change in 30+ years.
We shouldn't still have to be fighting for these rights.

But we are still fighting, and a little more faith in the Millenial generation would go a long way. We're ready and willing to carry the torch..

if only more of these people (who have paying jobs!) would recognize the value of blog writing, and social networking and give us the opportunity to fight!