Friday, March 20

Really. Who would't like spy gadgets and cute accents?

I've become a big fan of MI-5 (Spooks in the UK).

It's gotten so bad that I've stopped renting disaster movies, or really any kind of movies so that I can watch every single episode of this show as quickly as possible.

I recently had to put the obsession on hold (graduate school got in the way!).

But as soon as I get the work under control for this last term, I'm heading back to the world of British spy-craft.

I'm not surprised I like MI-5.

Almost every episode is like a mini-disaster movie.

The nice Brits have stopped at least 2 nuclear attacks, several bombings, a few assassinations and 1 fake act of biological warfare.

All of the violence and gratuitous killing off of main characters (yes, gratuitous. It's not necessary to kill off nice nerdy members of the team and make me cry) has made me think a little bit about why I enjoy the show.

Other than the aforementioned mini-disaster aspect.

Some of it is the gadgets. Some of it is the accents. I find both fun.

But I think at least a little of the appeal is the team dynamic and gender dynamics.
All of the MI-5 agents struggle with lying to their friends and family, the constant danger etc.
The female characters certainly show emotion, but they aren't given to panicking or becoming hysterical.
As for the male characters, its nice to see even some stodgy British spies cry. I like that MI-5 is one episode at a time providing a rather nice template for strong men who feel.

While the show is not without faults (we get it..terrorists can come from the Middle East...thanks for the memo), I'm sticking with it until my grades start to suffer.
And probably even after that point.