Wednesday, September 16

Danish tourism video stirs outrage..yet I'm more puzzled/resigned than outraged

Online news forums are buzzing about a recent YouTube video outed by the NYTimes as being posted by the tourism board of Denmark .

The video shows an attractive blond woman feeding 'her' young child a bottle, while asking everyone watching to help her find the father. She tells viewers that she conceived after a drunken one night stand, and would like to find the man.

It's pretty easy to figure out what the Danish tourism board was hoping to accomplish: selling their country as one with beautiful free-spirited women ready and willing to engage in drunken sex acts with strangers.

So yeah, I'm not surprised that a lot of people (including many Danish women) are outraged at the demeaning and rather disgusting idea not so subtly promoted by the video.

I just can't work myself up to outrage.
Just somewhat saddened resignation.

We live in a world where PETA thinks that it's more important to protest on behalf of animals than treat human beings (yes PETA, women are human beings too) with respect.

Vegas ads send the same message, and they don't inspire a lot of outrage.
It just isn't that surprising that some brilliant ad exec in Denmark thought that selling the idea of casual sex would increase tourism.

So yeah, not a lot of outrage left for this pathetic excuse at promotion.
Although I do hope that the women of Denmark find a way to show their tourism board that while they may engage in casual sex (if they so choose), they are certainly not about to become country sponsored prostitutes because it would be useful for the Danish economy.

Perhaps they should start burning bras and protesting in the streets.
Nothing like a little in your face feminism to scare off exactly the kind of tourists who would be interested in a visit after seeing this ad..