Tuesday, September 15

Runway pictures & accesseries breakdown!

AKA the last (I think!) Psoriasis Runway Post..

Before I post a few pictures of my custom-designed outfit, my accessories and Tim Gunn (!), I just wanted to include my written response to a reporter about the experience.


How do you think participating in Addressing Psoriasis™ will change your life or your perspective on style or psoriasis?

I think that participating in the campaign broke down the final barrier in the way that I relate to having psoriasis. Although I've never been ashamed of the condition, I've always considered it something private and managed it in a way that helped redirect attention to other parts of my life/body. While I'm happy that I managed to maintain a sense of personal style despite the condition, I don't think I realized how important it can be to really share my experience with others. Since participating in the campaign I've found myself blogging, talking, and generally being more open about living with psoriasis. In return I've received so much support from family, friends, and even strangers who felt like they were also kind of suffering in silence. Now that I've taken that first step in reaching out, I'm going to continue!

And now for some pictures!

From far left:

Post runway with Stacy!

My earrings (Olivia Clare Designs)

Bracelet (http://www.starsandinfinitedarkness.com/wiredrelapse.html)

With Tim Gunn

Shoes (Vegan line from Steve Madden)