Tuesday, September 8

Psoriasis thoughts post-runway..i.e. the last post without any pictures of the outfit/experience!

It seems crazy that the entire Address Psoriasis runway experience already occurred over a week ago.

I've been emailing,chatting, and meeting with my designer, Stacy, for months.
I participated in multiple conference calls, several interviews with reporters and had the chance to wave on the Today show.
I met the other winners, had a chance to interact with Tim Gunn, and walked the runway in front of a room full of media contacts and guests.

What an experience!

When I entered the contest last spring, I really did not think that I would be selected as one of the winners.
For one thing, I can't remember a time when I didn't have Eczema or Psoriasis.
I've also been pretty successful over the years at managing or hiding the condition. I covered my fingers in band aids in kindergarten, and had friends 'check' my neck and scalp for flare ups whenever I pulled my hair into a ponytail.
I still get frustrated when I see a flare advancing across my forehead in red angry patches, but mostly I just ignore the entire situation.

Being forced to talk about Psoriasis all summer and meet other people in similar situations kind of made ignoring it impossible!

It really has been exciting and humbling.

Overall, I'm glad this experience has forced me to stop ignoring the Psoriasis.
Yes, it's irritating to deal with an auto immune disorder with such visible skin symptoms..but I have it, and isn't going away.
All of the other contestants live with their Psoriasis, and have amazingly full lives: partners, friends, great jobs, babies, & grand babies!

I think if nothing else, I'm going to move forward and just be a little more forgiving of myself. If there's nothing I can do about a flare up, then there's no point in getting upset or feeling embarrassed.
A little more self-care and a little less self-doubt has got to be a good thing!


Trisha Lagaso Golberg said...

Go 'head with your bad self, Saskia! My sentiments exactly, especially the part about being more forgiving with ourselves. So crucial to administer self care yet somehow so difficult! Look forward to reading more musings on your condition, esp as I see myself reflected in your experience, as well as every one of the other winners of the Addressing Psoriasis project. ((BTW, my son still remembers your room # from the W!))Be well.

SS said...

Thanks Trisha! It was so nice meeting all the other winners..and seeing everyone so happy and healthy @ different points in their life was really encouraging!

Please tell P he's pretty darn smart (what a memory!) and that it was great meeting him!

Trisha Lagaso Golberg said...

Well, it helps that P made sure to create a Note in my iPhone which detailed your hotel room #, correct name spelling, etc. When he makes new friends, he's intends on keeping them! So great meeting you too. You have a real spark for life! Let me know when you & B are ready for your tropical vacay.

SS said...

He did not!! What a smart cookie!

And we were ready as of like 6 months ago. I'll be sure to get in touch when our bank balance and calendars realize the immediate need!

Isabel said...

I enjoyed reading your blog before I officially met you, and enjoy it even more post-fashion show! It's a great feeling when you let psoriasis stop controlling your life, and it's something many people haven't come to terms with. Seeing you and the other winners on the runway will inevitably help others with the disease, as they will see an amazing group of people walk with their heads high in confidence! The outfit was always just a bonus, your confidence level is what really shined! ; ) I wish you and Ben all the best, and hope you contact us next time you're in "the chi" <-as Ben and I call it! LOL : )


SS said...

Thanks Isabel! It was so nice meeting you @ and seeing how to be a real advocate for others with Psoriasis!!

Isabel said...

Okay, I just posted this long winded comment and it dissapeared! LOL
Long story now short, I enjoyed your blog before we officially met and will keep reading and enjoying long after the show! The winner's participation will continue help people with the disease who are still letting it control them. and it was never the outfit (though beautiful, and what a bonus) that stood out the most, it was your confidence holding your head high that people will take away from and remember long after the fashion show lights fade! : ) I wish the very best for you and Ben and please call us next time you are in "the chi" as ben and I would say! LOL