Tuesday, September 8

Feeling happy (thus far) with my new Citi account

Ooh..blogger just deleted my entire post!

Try 2:

Feeling happy with Citi thus far, despite a rather large snafu with my account.

I deposited my paycheck on Friday and noticed on Sunday that it had yet to show up in my account (as pending or cleared).

I didn't start to get really nervous about the status of the money,however, until this morning due to the weekend and Monday holiday.

When I called this morning to talk to a customer service rep, I was told that there was definitely something wrong with my transaction as it didn't seem to exist!
I started to panic a little (entire paycheck missing=bad), but the rep was really nice and told me:

1. They would resolve this in (at most) 48 hours
2. I could call back and check on the status 24 hours a day until it is resolved
3. She would recommend that they extend a credit to my account for a portion of the check

Number 3 made me feel really happy. Not that I necessarily NEED the money right this second, but the concession on their end made me feel a little more valued as a customer.

When I had the paycheck issues with BOA, their response was a total 180. Instead of offering to resolve the problem quickly, they told me I might have to wait up to several weeks. They were unwilling to offer me ANY portion of my held paycheck, and seemed totally unsympathetic to my distress over the situation.

So while I'm not exactly thrilled that I'm waiting yet again for a paycheck issue to be resolved, at least I feel like they're actually doing their best to fix the situation.

Guess we'll see if I'm this calm in 24-28 hours!