Monday, November 2

Thanksgiving..and the menu planning has begun!

This past weekend I tried to make a savory apple pie.
I have no idea why (savory vs. sweet). I just thought it sounded like a neat idea.
The fact that I only had whole wheat flower in the house may have had something to do with this decision..
Anyway, it was a disaster!
The crust is too..well, whole wheat tasting.
I'm sure there is a way to make a whole wheat pie crust that tastes good, but this just wasn't quite right.
Luckily, I have plenty of time to make a few more pies (to freeze) before T-day.
B and I are hosting both families at our apartment, so I'm going to be making a good bit of the food ahead of time and hoping it keeps well.
So far the menu looks something like:

Coleslaw (B's request)
Cranberry sauce (anyone have any unusual ideas? types?)
Free Form Sweet Potato Tart
Green Beans
Teriyaki Salmon

Should be a neat mix!


kms said...

I think it's great that you're hosting both families! Sounds like fun and your menu sounds delish! We're also hosting our families this year, but I only have to make a turkey and stuffing :).

Anonymous said...

If you buy a bag of cranberries and follow the recipe on the bag except boil it for longer than it says to,it comes out really well. You will need more than one bag for a crowd that big. P. S. A little bird told me that B. likes this recipe since it is what he got growing up.