Friday, January 16

Do not do anything alone. Ever. Or, JP2 part 2

Toby (who knows what his real name is..he'll always be Toby from West Wing to me) is about to get eaten by a T-rex. Or maybe thrown over a cliff by a T-rex, but either way he's in trouble.

(pause pause)

Yep, eaten.

See, it's somehow better to be hanging off the edge of a cliff as a trailer explodes below you than to be all alone on level ground with scary dinos nearby.

Also, JP2 is not as scary as I thought it might be. I think it's going to be gory, but it's not really frightening in a nail-biting, squeak and hide way. And yes, I have been known to squeak a little when scared. This is not one of those times. I think it is, however, going to be a good chance to see dinosaurs eat a bunch of stupid people, and enjoy some A-listers slummimg it up for paycheck.

In terms of A-listers we have:
1. Julianne Moore
2. Jeff Goldblum (bonus for being a returning character!)
3. Vince Vaughn (he's A list now..not then, but still counts)
plus Toby (ok, ok his real name is Richard Schiff) who's at least a B, and a few famous character actors like the Russian cosmonot from Armeggedon.