Saturday, January 10

JP so far

Ah Jurassic Park. Classic!

A-listers galore & lots of easily referenced rules
1. Do not say "It could have been a lot worse
2. Do not leave the main group. Ever.
3. For goodness sake, pay your staff well! Saves you from sabotage, mass carnage etc
4. If it has been extinct for millions of years, weighs several tons, and has razor sharp teeth.. see where I'm going? Do you really want to bring back a scary killing machine with no natural predators?
5. Do not say "Unless." As in.. "unless they figure out how to open doors.." or "unless they are smarter than we thought.." Because they will INEVITABLY be able to open said doors, or somehow be smarter than all living creatures. So just keep your trap shut!

Unlike some other movies (yes Megaladon I'm talking to you!), Jurassic Park knows that it is a disaster movie; it has appropriate levels of carnage & follows the rules (children survive).
Death count @ midway point: 3 with several more to come..