Friday, January 2

No A-lister? Not a good sign

Unless you count the guy who played Ethan Rayne (Buffy reference!), or maybe some guy named Mark Sheppard who has guest-starred in almost every TV show Megalodon totally lacks an A-lister.

Anaconda: 4 (I'm being generous and counting JLo)
Deep Blue Sea: 2
Volcano: 2
Dante's Peak: 1.5 (Linda Hamilton is cool..but only to geeky SciFi buffs)
Megalodon: 0

I'll let this fact slide for now and see if the sheer stupidity of the script makes the movie enjoyable. Given the effects so far I think I can easily expect a lot of low-budget carnage.

Although we are 23 minutes in and the body count is at ZERO. Where's the requisite unexplained tourist death??

31 minutes in: some type of prehistoric fish attacked someone, but he survived...
1 hour in: 1 guy dead, but just because the shark ate his sub. No carnage.
1 hour 5 minutes: another death by sub chomping. Again, no carnage.
1 hour 7 minutes: I think some guy just got eaten, but I couldn't even tell because there was NO blood splatter, or screaming, or chomping. What kind of shark movie is this anyway??

Then, they just blew up the shark. One more guy died in the explosion, but it was barely dramatic. At the end we see that maybe the Megalodon released by the drilling (yeah yeah, it's a stupid plot device) wasn't the only one. Big shock...

I'm disappointed. No A-listers, no carnage, stock footage of sharks, and almost an hour and a half wasted. I should have just re-watched Jaws.