Monday, January 26

It's official. Inferno is the worst disaster movie..ever

I can't believe I sat through all 90 minutes of the monstrosity otherwise known as Inferno.

I should have sent it back when I realized the only A-lister was actually a Z-lister (Al, the sidekick from Quantum Leap).

I should have sent it back when I realized it was the 9th choice on imdb for the title "Inferno"

I should have sent it back when I realized that the main character was a woman who vaguely resembled Jodi Foster. I don't like when they cast look-a-likes. It's deceitful & tricky.

I should have sent it back when I realized that they cast some girl as the look-a-like's daughter because she must have been the only girl n the universe willing to say these lines. They certainly didn't cast her for her acting ability.

But nooo I didn't send it back. I watched the ENTIRE movie.

It was painful.
Bad acting.
Terrible dialogue.
ZERO dead bodies.

All in all, a total waste of my time and blogging.

The only (and I really mean only) redeeming aspect of the movie was the gender dynamics. The main character is a woman firefighter, and there was a lot of tension between her and the 'old boys' firefighting network in the small town.

The movie was awful, but at least it had a genuine butt-kicking heroic female main character.

Most of the times I have to rant and rave about women being portrayed as hysterical and/or sidekicks in disaster movies.

Hmm. Now I think I'm going to have to make a list of movies that have female characters who aren't useless. I'm betting that the majority of blockbuster disaster movies will be lacking, while the low budget ones will fare a little better.

Figures. The crappy movies that nobody watches (except me of course!) will likely have better female characters..