Tuesday, January 13

If this movie gets made I might have to organize a protest..

I stumbled upon this blog through my new group, 2o something bloggers, and had to do some of that 'calm down' breathing after I read the first post about PMS.

Apparently the blog owner, Jenn, let a guy writing a movie script about PMSing women guest write for a day to get comments. He explained that the premise of the movie is basically a guy being mystified by the 'crazy' antics of his PMSing love interest and the antics that ensue.

If this movies gets made, I am seriously going to organize a protest.
Or a boycott.
Or have a meltdown and blame it on PMS.

Is this really the kind of drivel that people will pay money to see?

I know that I will gladly pay money to watch crocodiles/sharks/dinosaurs munch on hapless victims and my taste in movies is nothing if not..unusual..but really, a movie about PMS?

I am absolutely not trying to start a debate about the impact of hormones upon men and women.
But do people still think that it's funny to act like women's bodies are weird and that we're irrational creatures controlled by our uteruses?

Of course there are differences between men and women, but many of these things are socially constructed. And those things that are genuinely divergent are the least understood and the most mocked (like hormones!).

Don't you think our time would be better spent examining these differences so that things like..oh I don't know..drug reactions are better understood instead of making movies about 'crazy women' with PMS?

ps. Spellcheck keeps telling me that uteruses is not a word..but I looked it up, and it IS one acceptable plural for uterus. See? Even blogger is sexist and thinks I'm crazy because I'm a woman.