Monday, June 8

Emergency medical service guys are just like ninjas! Aka, my return to blogging

I lost a little of my movie watching mojo over the past few weeks.

I finished my 1st year of grad school (woohoo), went to Italy, moved to NY and started a new job. Somehow blogging just fell by the wayside.

Luckily, Netflix knows me and kept the movies coming.

After catching up on some MI-5, I returned to disaster movies with a classic (kind's from '96): Daylight.

I think it might be the only Sylvester Stallone movie I've ever intentionally watched.

Before you ask, no, have not seen Rocky and I have little to no interest in movies that involve fists to the face.

Anyway, Daylight is the perfect disaster movie for a recent NY transplant..because now I NEVER EVER want to leave the city. If I do, a totally implausible explosion might trap me in the tunnel as the water rushes in and noxious fumes fill the air.

Eek! Scary!

If I'm lucky, Viggo Mortensen might be around (A-list alert!) to try and save the day. Or, a pre-botox Amy Brenneman could hold my hand if I'm scared (B lister with A list name recognition!).

Anyway, I learned a few important things from Daylight.

1. Emergency medical service guys are just like ninjas . Or something like that..they definitely have crazy skills that run the gambit from rappelling to firefighting to blowing things up.

2. Amy Brenneman has become more botoxed, but far less shrill with age. I think I prefer her not being able to move her face. The hyperventilating in this movie was a little annoying.

3. Any disaster movie that involves an older adult couple with inevitably steal from a true classic like Poseidon (ie the feisty older woman dies unexpectedly..leaving the wimpier husband all alone).

4. Tunnels are scary.