Tuesday, June 23

My unusual name..

I really like having an unusual name.
Really, I’m a fan like 99.8% of the time.
That little fraction of a percentage when I’m not a fan…?
Usually that occurs when someone butchers my name repeatedly.
Despite the fact that:
1. It’s really not hard to pronounce. It’s even pronounced EXACTLY the way it’s spelled. For some reason people like to add superfluous h’s.
2. See 1. It’s really not that hard to pronounce.

I also find it a little frustrating when I’m considering a blog revamp.
One thing I’ve been considering is becoming more anonymous.
This is semi-silly as I currently have my blog linked directly to my facebook account, which is anything but anonymous.
But anyone who gets to my blog from facebook is already on my friend list.
Someone who gets to my blog from anywhere else is not nearly as likely to know me personally, or heck even that likely to like me given my chosen topics.

This leads me back to the name quandary.
I’m currently using my nickname & middle initial as a sort of punny username (SasZ=sassy)..get it?

But I feel like that’s too close to my actual name.
But if I pick another name, anyone from facebook already knows my name..and then they’ll know that I’m using a totally fake name.
Which seems silly (yet again).

See the problem?