Wednesday, June 24

Having some minor blog issues..but getting back on track

Overall, I'm pleased with the new look.

I'm not sure why the header looks so different though in firefox.

I might have mmmmaybe created it and uploaded it while @ work.

In my defense, most of creating/uploading occurred during my lunch hour.
Anyway, we don't have firefox at work, just explorer.

It's such an old version you can't even open tabs.
If I was going to be there longer than August, I would probably have a minor meltdown.

And I can't just download and run firefox.
Working at a big gov't organization means that all the computers are locked for personal preferences.
If I try to change anything it tells me I don't have admin privileges.
Very irritating.
And if you want to change anything, you have to actually call the IT guy and have him do the work.

Seems silly, but I guess they don't want people downloading anything and everything on their work computer.
They probably also don't want me to write blog posts.
Oh well.