Monday, June 29

Keith Olbermann has it right..he just jumped on the Cynthia Davis bandwagon a few years late

Keith Olbermann declared Rep. Cynthia Davis “Worst Person in the World” during his show several nights ago.

I don’t watch Olbermann on a regular basis, but I think he’s generally pretty funny and on point.

When I saw he had talked about Cynthia Davis, I knew I had to track down the clip.

Seems that the esteemed MO legislator recently spoke against funding free meals for low-income children in Missouri.

Her rationale?
“Hunger can be a positive motivator.”

So apparently, she believes that young low-income children need more motivation? Perhaps if they miss a few meals they’ll be motivated enough to break child-labor laws, secure employment, and help lift their struggling families out of poverty!

One of commented on her stance, by noting that Davis is ‘ironically, one of Missouri's leading pro-life activists.’

As someone who lived and worked in Missouri, there’s really nothing ironic about the situation.

Rep. Davis represents the worst type of politician. She’s uninformed, bombastic, and incredibly narrow minded.

The problem is not that she’s anti-choice. The problem is that she uses rhetoric and fear mongering to legislate her point of view.

She claims that abortion is murder, yet refuses to fund programs that would teach comprehensive sexual education in the schools (thus preventing unintentional pregnancies and reducing the need for abortion).

She has made statements about sex education that are blatantly false (no one is suggesting we teach condom usage in kindergarten lady!), and has compared health educators from Planned Parenthood and other organization to sexual deviants and child molesters.

The children of St. Charles, MO would be better served if she spent her time funding free meals and providing for their education, instead of shaming low-income families and advocating for the rights of fetuses.