Wednesday, June 17

I feel shamed by a tv show!

I think I’ve now mentioned several times that I really enjoy watching MI-5.
It’s not a disaster movie, but it is television series that deals with ongoing potential disasters.
I’ve decided that it counts for both enjoyment and blogging purposes.

One thing I’ve noticed about the show (I’m on season 6) is that it relies heavily upon stereotypes for its ‘bad guys’ roster.

Arabs/Muslims (used rather indiscriminately) are often trying to kill everyone in England, as are corrupt Americans.

As I am neither Arab nor Muslim, I can’t speak to that aspect of the show..although I must note that it must be rather tiring to be portrayed on such a popular BBC production as bomb-toting crazies.

As an American, I can note that it’s been a rather humbling experience. Apparently, Americans are loud, pushy, and lacking greatly in brains.

Although I’m not particularly patriotic, it is a little depressing to see how another country sees my own.

I’m just hoping that things will turn around with the new administration. The first 6 seasons have made ongoing thinly veiled references to Bush (you can guess @ their tone), but the current season is now showing on BBC.

Maybe season 7 will include Americans suddenly becoming much better allies..and I will be able to stop feeling slightly shamed!