Wednesday, August 5

Boundaries please!

I would like to begin this post with a quick disclaimer: I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST ONLINE DATING.

Really, I don’t.
I even perused jdate for a bit. I couldn’t make myself commit, but I browsed.

So again, I have nothing against online dating.
Date away.

BUT, don’t bother random people on sites that are not expressly made for dating.

For example, do not send a message like this to someone on yelp:

Beautiful what do u do for fun??hows NY?

(from user A)

Yelp is not a dating site. Yelp is a peer review site with a heavy emphasis on food and restaurants.

I’m sure that a few yelp relationships have transpired, but any online forum with messaging has the potential to connect potential partners.

I keep my personal information to a minimum on the site, but they require all Yelp elites (I have a badge, woohoo!) to use at least their real first name and last initial. I also have a picture available, but it’s similar to what you would see if you searched for me randomly on Facebook. Unless you’re my friend, you just get a headshot and basic stats.

Anyway, I think I moved beyond mildly annoyed to outright irritated when the conversation continued..

Hi A, Thanks! you can imagine..I'm a big fan of eating out with my boyfriend!

I would recommend to meet me In BAltimore...and I can show u the best time ...Treat u like the princess u are..... u have an email or #?I heard that Manhattan up there gets good reviews for music....

Hi A, That's very nice, but I don't give my phone number or email address out via yelp. Hope you understand!

its what do u do anyway?

I work for the gov’t.


And what do u do there besides bringing a lovely sight to the Fed Buildings everyday??

I stopped responding after the last message.
I’m just not sure what to do now.

I think part of the problem is that I really dislike being rude and confrontational.
But I do not want to be friends with this guy, and I do not need his totally random and vaguely creepy compliments.

I think I’m going to nicely explain that I’m not comfortable giving out personal information online and see if he goes away.
Or I’ll just block him.
Maybe I’ll just block him now..

Either way, I think my next post might have to about internet etiquette.
Perhaps I should phrase it as a question.
Internet Etiquette, does it exist?
or Why coming on to strangers on random websites is tacky:

Either title sounds promising.