Tuesday, August 18

Cake decorating class 1!


Just returned from a weekend at the beach!

Guess I'll have to update my summer adventure list sometime soon..

Anyway, also just had my 1st cake decorating class!

I've been baking for ages but I've always wanted to really learn how to decorate!

The Brooklyn Kitchen offers these great 1 night classes, so I thought it might be fun to learn more about buttercream and all of the piping techniques.

I had a ton of fun, and wish that I could take a longer class.

We also did not get to fondant, which is another medium I'd like to learn more about.

I know the basic idea and have played with it once or twice..but I think I need at least a few class sessions or a really good tutorial.

Unfortunately most of the longer cake decorating classes are also REALLY expensive.

For some reason most of them also have weekday class hours only.

When am I ever going to be able to take a cake decorating class from 9-2 for a week??

Maybe when I'm retired??

In any case, I'm still trying to figure that part out..because I definitely enjoyed all the decorating!

We were kind of forced to go in the leaves/flower route for the top of the cake but I think it still turned out pretty nicely!


Anonymous said...

Very nice cake, Saskia. Do I see a side career here? B's mom