Sunday, August 9

The Raymour & Flannigan saga…FINALE

Our couch (FINALLY) arrived this past Saturday!

(Isn't it cute?)

I had a fitting with my designer, Stacy, @ FIT so poor B had to sit at home for 5 hours during our ‘delivery window.’
Which they missed by an hour…since it was only supposed to be a 4 hour waiting window.

But after the month of waiting and being annoyed, 1 hour wasn’t the end of the world. Although, I wasn’t the one stuck at home. Perhaps B feels it was a more cataclysmic experience?

Anyway, I think it was actually really good I was out when the couch arrived.

Apparently the delivery guys had just finished unloading 40+ pieces of furniture at another location.
When they tried to move our couch from the truck up our 3 flights of stairs, they basically ran out of energy half-way up.
The guy fixing the buzzer tried to help.
Not by doing anything useful like lifting or pushing.
B says he just stood there and gave ‘helpful’ suggestions.

The moving guys also told B they were both ex-army. Or ex-special forces? Or ex-something.
I think he was supposed to feel even worse that they had served our country AND were now very tired from moving someone else’s furniture.
My thought when I heard this nugget of info? Basic camp must have been harder! No excuses!

Anyway, after trapping our neighbor in the stairwell for a bit and trying valiantly not to kill the buzzer guy, the movers were able to get the couch all the way up to our apartment.

B gave them an extra tip and some water.Isn’t he nice?

By the time I arrived home, the old couch was already in our new and improved ‘media room’ (it has all the books & DVDs) and the new couch was sitting in our living room!

Next up: chairs chairs chairs!