Wednesday, August 26

Feeling less than enthused by Federal Work Study Guidelines...

What’s the point of having a federal work study program if it’s actually limited to within a state?

Sorry if that’s confusing..but I’m rather annoyed.
I am finishing my degree @ Hopkins but am working in New York.
My program requires that we work as interns for at least 4 months.
They don’t care where you work, or really what you do (as long as it’s reasonably on-point).

So I picked up and moved to NYC to live with B.
Why would I stay in a city that’s 4 hours away by bus from my boyfriend, when my program is practically begging me to leave?
Anyway, I am 2 weeks away from finishing part 1 of my internship experience.

My supervisors here at internship # 1 seems to like me.
He offered me a part-time position for this fall.
I accepted, and will be working here 2 days a week. I’m also taking a rather large hourly pay cut due to budget constraints.
I also accepted a position at a local non-profit (internship #2).
I am very excited about this position, but less excited about the $500 stipend available (for 4 months of work).

I asked if they would consider crafting a work study agreement.
Work study has an organization put in ¼ of the funding, and they match the amount.
That way the $500 stipend would become $2000.
Not exactly a windfall (it works out to around $6/hour for 19 hours of work a week), but better than 500!

Well, it turns out that I’m back to $500 for the semester from internship #2.
Hopkins can’t approve a work study position in another state.
Somehow “federal” work study seems less…well…federal.

You’d think a nationwide program would allow students to accept positions outside of their geographic area.

So now, despite being more than 50% done with my master degree I’m starting to think about finding a 3rd job. Which, given the current economic climate, is unlikely to materialize.

I think I still have my tuxedo..anyone in catering need a server?!


Kacie said...

I hear ya, Saskia! My internship #1 is about to wrap up too and the second one is a measly stipend compared to my lovely living wage this summer. Not really sure how it's going to work out! I didn't realize how awkward the 4 month requirement was going to be. At this point, I only need one more month of work and my current internship offered to keep me on for a small stipend. The lazy side of me wants to just finish it up with the current one and be done with the requirement, move in with the parentals and relax/save money til school starts again. Too many choices (and not enough $$$) with this program!!! Anyways, good luck with the rest of fall...and keep in touch. ;) You aren't alone in your frustration! ~Kacie

SS said...

For real! I think I am going to be working 2 part time jobs and pick up ANOTHER position babysitting! I feel like a teenager! Juggling multiple low paying jobs and watching babies (boo!). At least the baby in question in super duper cute.

But I digress..the 4 month rule is definitely strange and problematic. Although now I'm hoping that they'll just keep extending my job time and I won't have to go back @ all!