Monday, August 10

Sunday adventure: Trip #1 to the Brooklyn Flea

B doesn’t know it yet, but I think it would be fun if we have an ‘adventure’ every weekend!

I’m going to be pretty liberal in my use of the term.

But at some point I would also like to:

1. Visit:
Staten Island
(It’s embarrassing..but I’m pretty sure I’ve been to 2/5 boroughs. At least in recent memory..)
2. Go to Hoboken and buy a cannoli from Carlo’s bakery.
3.See the cloisters.
4. See a concert/play/something outdoors and free. This might be surprisingly tricky because B does not like picnicking. And outdoor activities of this type usually involve a picnic. I will have to very persuasive.
5. Go to the beach!
This should be very easy! We already have plans to go this coming weekend..

This past weekend our ‘adventure’ was a visit to the Brooklyn Flea Market in DUMBO.
I think we were both a little disappointed when we first arrived. It seemed smaller than I imagined. The website promised 100+ vendors. Maybe they meant 100+ vendors total between the two days/locations?

Anyway, despite our initial disappointment we ended walking away with: 2 chairs, and 2 small tables.
We packed everything into the back of a large cab and carried it all up to our apartment ourselves.

Thanks to the addition of a rug from a nearby store, we now have a much fuller living room!


Mary said...

Not too shabby!