Tuesday, July 15

Buffy is the best!

I didn't jump on the Buffy bandwagon until long after it was off the air. My best friend from home, Alice, happened to have all 7 seasons on DVD (her mommy loves Buffy!) and I started watching season 1 while home on break during college.

I haven't really been writing that much lately because I am gearing up for a big move half-way across the country, and Ben and I might be watching all of Mad Men in order as quickly as humanly possible. Anyway, I have been re-watching Buffy in order as a pick-me-up while I pack. So far I'm already through most of seasons 1-4 and will probably finish the entire show before I have to move! I had forgotten how much I love this show, and I think that Joss Whedon might be my hero.

Buffy might look like it's all about silly looking demons and vampires trying to bite people, but it's also about a little blonde girl who totally kicks butt. She may have super-human strength, but she also has to deal with navigating life in the real world where being a girl is hard and being weird makes it even harder. She's also complicated and often does the wrong thing--falls for the wrong type of guys, can be totally impetuous, is sometimes super shallow--but she seems like a real person in a strangely similar world. I think my everlasting love for Joss Whedon and Buffy was cemented when I found this quote:

Responding to why he wrote so many great roles for women (in Buffy):
"Why aren't you asking a hundred other guys why they don't write strong women characters? I believe that what I am doing should not be remarked upon, let alone honored, and there are other people doing it. But, seriously, this question is ridiculous..because equlity is not a concept. It's not something we should be striving for. It's a necessity."

See! Joss Whedon is my hero!

Favorite episodes (seasons 1-4 only) include:

1. Passion
2. The Wish
3. Graduation Day (1 & 2)
4. Hush