Thursday, July 17

I need to re-vamp my blockbuster Q ...

I like watching movies and try to get a nice mix of mindless fun (Lake Placid 2 is coming any day now) and films that have a little more substance. Unfortunately, Blockbuster refuses to work with my system. I request 2 good movies and 2 truly crappy ones and they send me the 2 good ones and tell me there is a really long wait for the other ones.

I blame my mother, but I have this thing about having a nice even mixture of movies that will fry my brain and those that will not (or at least not as quickly). When I was little she used to make us read 3 'good' books (newberry medal, etc) before we could pick a 'junky' book out from the library. Well, now this theory has extended to my renting preferences and blockbuster is messing with me. Luckily, AMC is my new favorite channel and they played Jaws and Jaws II back to back last night!!