Sunday, July 20

More on Stranded

Here are some valuable lessons learned while watching Stranded:

1) If you are shipwrecked on an island in the middle of nowhere, all of the members of your family will be able to swim. They will also be able to make it all the way from the ship to the island and will have enough basic construction knowledge to help build a shelter.

2) There will probably be dangerous animals such as wild boars and snakes. If you are bitten by a snake, it will be poisonous, but the really slow acting kind of venom. This will give you plenty of time to concoct a remedy using a hot knife and local fauna (all of which are in season and ripe at the needed moment).

3) No one in your family will fall ill (exception, see above animal injuries).

4) You will be able to build a BOAT, but will not make a vessel large enough to try to sail to another island.

5) The desert island you are stranded on will not actually be deserted, and your family will make friends with a kindly indigenous person but never consider learning his language or seeing if you can travel with him to his home for help. You would rather live alone on your island than live with 'savages.'