Wednesday, July 2

Victoria's Secret= :(

I work in a very female friendly office, and by female friendly I mean all of the full and part time staffers are women. During lunch today we started talking about our bras and the trials and tribulations of trying to find underwear that fits correctly. Two of us are petite in terms of height, but definitely not waify-we both have generous curves and are rather well-endowed. Sadly for us (I guess?), Victoria's Secret is pretty much a waste of space. Despite being in what seems like every mall in the country, they rarely stock bras in the larger sizes and add extra padding to the few that you can find. Why would you want extra padding when it's already nearly impossible to find clothing that fits over your breasts?

Talking about bra shopping made me think about shopping in general, and of course I can't help but weigh in on the ongoing fashion model industry debate about skinny models. One thing that really bothers me is the attitude of designers. I think that designing clothing is an art form, but I do not understand why that art form has to embrace emaciation. Instead of claiming that a flat canvas in necessary to showcase their art, designers could be looking at the human body a facet of their medium instead of a hanger.

After the discussion we started joking about opening a store that catered to petite women with curves. Instead of being relegated to the petite racks in department stores (grandmother appropriate clothing) or to clothing meant for truly tiny people (excuse me for having hips), we would like to buy clothing that actually fits. It might put a few tailors out of business, but it be an exciting change. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to finance our endeavor...!