Tuesday, July 29

Why am I attracted to flowery blogger templates?

I have changed my blogger template three or four times in the last few weeks. At first I used one of the standard ones offered by google, and then I began to branch out into the world of download-able templates and custom tweaking.

I have noticed a pattern in my template choices. I try to stay away from really dark colors, and I like graphic designs that incorporate a lot of swirls or intricate shapes. I also like flowers. Does this mean that I'm buying in to all the gendered ideas about femininity? Or do I just really like flowers? Is there any way to know?

In the grand scheme of things, I'm not sure it matters if I use flowers or swirly patterns in the background because I write this blog for fun. I noticed an article the other day though that said that although there are tons of women blogging, their blogs are often not taken as seriously as those written by men. I know that my blog is not really on the radar in terms of social commentary, but I wonder if my critiques are somehow blunted by the perceived expression of femininity.