Friday, January 30

Need to use social networking sites? Novel idea! Hire someone who uses them daily!


Teens Frequently Mention Risky Behaviors on Social Networking Sites
About half of teens reference substance use or other risky behaviors on
social networking Web sites, such as MySpace, a recent study found.
The study was published in the January issue of the
Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
. A related study
notes that developing online interventions using these social networking
venues may be a cost effective way to reduce risky behaviors.
Learn how to use social networking sites for prevention and
intervention efforts during two workshops at CADCA´s upcoming
National Leadership Forum XIX.

I am on several listserves for work. I get a lot of information about
non-profit organizing etc and it's usually harmless and even
occasionally interesting.

So why am I posting about teens and social networking?

Because I found it a mildly funny that CADCA is hosting multiple
workshops on how to use facebook and mysapce. Not because it's bad
idea. In fact, it's a great way to reach lots of teenagers and young adults
(and some not so young adults too!)

It's funny because people need to learn how to use these sites, when there
is a whole generation of young, able workers who already have these skills.

Novel idea: hire some of these skilled young people. Social networking
is a valuable asset, not just a time wasting procrastinating activity.

Why force entrenched staff members to try and compete against
tech savvy 'kids' who have been typing since they could talk? Now,
there is absolutely nothing wrong with having staff learn new skills.
But it's frustrating when so many organizations are reluctant to hire
new graduates, or almost worse, hire them and then mock them for
their mild facebook addiction or (horror!) ability to navigate online.

It's really lucky (thanks Becky!) when you can find an employer who
recognizes these skills as such and takes full advantage of their staff
without being patronizing.

Social networking is a skill people! Appreciate those who can text with
ease, upload pictures, navigate notes & posting and give us jobs!