Wednesday, June 24

Apartment living in NY

I've now rented:
2 apartments in St Louis, Missouri
1 apartment in Baltimore, MD and
1.5 apartments in New York (Ben rented, I stayed..hence the 1/2)

The most I paid in St Louis was around $600, and a little less in Baltimore.

I won't share how much B was paying for a studio in Brooklyn, NY..but it was way more than $600! And the apartment was teeny tiny. Like around 250 square feet..which is the size of a very large closet.

I saw was..because we're moving on Sunday!

When I moved here a few weeks ago we knew we wanted more space.
B's lease was until Sept 1, but we started looking at places 2 weeks ago thinking we could sublet or pray if we found something we liked.

Anyway, we found a place..and 12 hours later we got an email saying someone wanted his apartment for a July 1 move-in.
So we're off to bigger (much much bigger) and better things with around 4 days notice!
<--This is a picture of our new kitchen! It's actually rather spacious for a NYC galley..

We've hired movers and we're hoping that everything makes it the mile or so in 1 piece!


Anonymous said...

More pictures please! from B's mom