Tuesday, June 23

My poor sad blog. Revamp coming up?

My blog has been a little sad lately.
I listed a few excuses earlier.
I finished a year of graduate school.
I moved to a new city.
I went on vacation outside of the country.
But really, those aren’t very good excuses.
I haven’t run out of disaster movies.
Although, living with the boy has made it more difficult to watch them.
He’s not a big fan.
In his defense, he also has good taste in TV shows.
So we’re watching all 3 seasons of Deadwood right now.
It’s a little violent (I know..I know..I like mass carnage, but not when people get into bloody/messy fistfights) but pretty fabulous.

Anyway, I have been thinking that my blog might need some type of revamp.
Not a total change.
Maybe just a widening of the lens.
I already write about a weird mix of stuff..
Maybe I should just embrace and post about whatever I want, whenever I want.
We shall see.