Thursday, September 2

And I'm back..on the sugar, on the job hunt (ish), and on blogger!

Well then. Seems like I took yet another semi-accidental hiatus from blogging.

Turns out this summer was not quite as relaxed as planned.

I thought I would enjoy my part-time jobs, figure out the full-time situation and bounce around the city a bit having fun.

Well, my main full-time job went into crisis mode due to a change in funding.
After 10 years the city council decided on (what seems like) a whim, to reduce the organization's funding from $295,000 a year to $5000.

Cue all hopes and dreams of transitioning into full-time totally imploding.
Or is it exploding?

Either way, I was sad, the organization went into panic mode and I spent a lot of time making semi-panicked calls trying to raise money.

It's been both frustrating and exciting; frustrating to learn how little our city officials know about the organizations that serve city residents and exciting as we kind of chart a new path forward as a group.

Anyway, it made for a lot less free time and fun than I was expecting!

More life, wedding, job etc. updates to come!