Wednesday, September 22

A little re-post on behalf of Faith Aloud..

 Sometimes I feel silly posting about home-made hamburgers one day, and great non-profit work the next..but that's pretty much where my interests lie and how my brain works!

So today I bring you a link to a recent blog post written by Krista Taves. Krista is currently the board president of Faith organization that is very near and dear to my heart. I had my first "real" job at Faith Aloud after I finished college, and my 18 or so months at the organization helped me really define my academic, personal and career interests. I learned so much about non-profit management, the importance of faith in reproductive justice work, and why it's important to stay passionate about the issues that should matter most.

I'm currently serving on the national board of Faith Aloud and am really excited to be passing along Krista's thoughts. Although I come from a very different faith perspective, I loved reading her post.
So go check it out here.
Learn more about Faith Aloud and about the people who are working to further the cause!