Saturday, September 4

Wedding update: The S & B extravaganza is slowly taking shape!

Despite being really ill this past week (thanks ER for the misdiagnosis and medication that made me sicker!) I'm still in the midst of wedding planning.

So far we have:
1. Wedding colors
2. A venue in PA
3. A few possible caterers
4. A verrrry long list of people we would like to invite

and that's it!

I've also been to one bridal store with friends, one friend who makes dresses, and one custom-made dress store.

Still need to figure out the food, the photography and pretty much every other detail..but at least we have a bit of a plan!

Oh, and a secret wedding website.
We also have that.


AW said...

i want the details! what are the colors, what venue??? you gotta keep me updated!!!

Saskia Z said...

I'm keeping them a secret on the blog for now..but more info to come soon!