Wednesday, September 8

Oh, yeah..I also went to Mexico this summer!

I've been so remiss in my blogging this summer that it somehow never came up that I spent a week in Mexico with some of my friends!

I won't bore you with too many details, so here's the quick overview:

1. Mexico was awesome! We stayed in a super swanky resort courtesy of a friend's family and spent a ton of time sitting around in the sun reading. Reading + beach walks= awesome!

2. A few of us toured Chichen Itza.

It was really interesting, but I with they had let us climb up or in some of the monuments. Apparently they used to let you climb the ruins, but people used to deface or chip away pieces of stone and now it is off limits. We were all really disappointed, but it was still a great morning!  We also got to swim in a sink hole a few miles away which was a tiny bit scary, but also very cool.

3.  They let me drive a speedboat! Into open-ish ocean! It was mildly terrifying, but very fun. Then we got to snorkel. That was also kind of scary given my love of animal attack/disaster movies, but I made it through with only a few squeaks of terror.

4. The seafood. Enough said. Or not.. SO DELICIOUS.