Thursday, September 16

A little NYC love a.ka. the day I saw the Batmobile!

Sometimes this city can be really overwhelming..even for those of us who have eschewed living on the island!

But sometimes it's just a darn fun and/or funny place to live.

Good example?
This past week, my entire office heard that they were filming the new Batman movie right outside. A bunch of adult women, who spend their day working to end sexual violence all got really excited and giggly and ran downstairs en-mass to see the BATMOBILE!

 That's right, we all ran outside to take pictures of a car from a superhero movie franchise.
Which is pretty funny, especially since it seems like they're filming something around us every 10 seconds. Usually it's fun to look for a second and then move on, but for some reason we all really wanted to hang out and see the batmobile in action!

Oh New York.

ps. We later learned that it was indeed the Batmobile..but they were NOT filming Batman. Apparently it's a remake of Arthur, and as part of the movie plot the guy rents the actual car used and then crashes it. I guess that's why the front was all crumpled and it was sitting on a tow truck!