Sunday, July 20

Stranded is just like Swiss Family Robinson..but not

I've been watching the made-for-TV movie Stranded and am a little confused. It was billed blockbuster as a re-imagining of Swiss Family Robinson but I think they've taken a few too many liberties! I don't actually mind that they've changed the nationalities of the characters, or changed some of their names/sexes but why does some of the action take place off the island?? Hellooo..this movie is called Stranded..not 1/2 the family is stranded and half is a on a merchant ship.
Also, you are not stranded on a desert island if there are other people, even if they are just 'savages' or whatever they want to call them. Savages are clearly people too and you are not alone if they are stopping by for some harmless trading. Also, the father is kind of a big jerk. He refuses to swear fealty to the English government and gets sentenced to serve 8 years on a penal colony. His family joins him on the ship and tada..they're shipwrecked. Then they see another ship in the distance and he dilly-dallies because he does not want to be saved by the Brits. He also yells at all of his kids a lot and roars "I am the Father. I will be obeyed." Blech.