Wednesday, May 26

Birthday roundup..

Perhaps more introspective posts are still to come, but as of now, I'm feeling pretty happy about turning 25.

Some of it is that as I get older, the numbers themselves seem less scary.
When I was 14, 25 or 26 seemed really old.

I remember thinking that it was sad that my 8th grade Language Arts teacher was so desperate for a husband, especially since she was kind of old to still be single.

Of course, poor Ms. L.A.was probably only 27 or 28 at the time. Not exactly over the hill by any means.
And as I slowly inch closer to 27 or even 28, it just doesn't seem that old.

Also, it's pretty scary to think that at 14 I was convinced that all 20-something women were aggressively and anxiously searching for a man to marry.
While I think it was definitely true for Ms. L.A.--who by the way is now Mrs. L.A. courtesy of another teacher at the middle school--she could just have been searching for Ms. Right, or totally uninterested in a long-term relationship.

So now I've reached the quarter century mark, and I feel hopeful.
Still trying to figure out what to do about the job situation (more on that later), how to plan a wedding, and all sorts of other crazy things..but I'm pretty darn hopeful that everything will work out.

I also received some great birthday presents. So really, what's not to like about hitting the big 25?