Thursday, May 20

Job hunting etiquette?

I have come to a realization..I think I need a job-hunting guru. Or job fairy. Or something.

I think I'm doing a decent? decent-ish? good? job of staying positive and being proactive as I continue my hunt for a full-time position.

But sometimes I have questions or need advice, and I end up asking the same people over and over (sorry Ben!).

For example, is it bad form to apply for multiple positions at the same organization?
Does it make it better/worse if the applications are going to different divisions?

Do I seem unfocused if I do that?
Desperate for any job?
Or simply practical about my interest in a variety of opening?

I need a job guru!


roopa said...

I'd be happy to provide you some advice! Just send me an email :)

Janna said...

As a current job hunter myself... you can always shoot me an email :) Or a call... or anything...