Saturday, May 15

Job Updates: Who Needs Just 1 Position Anyway?!

I guess being a little type A has perks?

Ended my 2nd internship last Wednesday, and will arrive on Tuesday as the new part-time hire at the same organization.

Still looking for something full-time, but in the interim I have a paying part-time position @ a great non-profit, a freelance gig @ another great non-profit, and a paying position as baby M's babysitter (friend of a friend gig).

Feeling a little 'eh' about being a babysitter again, but I think it's mostly because it makes me feel a bit like I'm stuck in a high school/college flashback. I feel much less 'eh,' however, about having some money coming in from the work. Plus, baby M has big cheeks and is snuggly.

I'm still seriously underemployed, but I'm really grateful that I've been able to cobble together a few different things into some semblance of a work schedule.