Sunday, May 9

I'm going to be a smarty pig!

I don't blog about pf (personal finance) stuff here very often because I feel a little conflicted about sharing $ information in such a public forum.

Which is funny--since in person I'm more than happy to chat away about anything and everything to do with savings, loan, paychecks etc.

Maybe it's because I'm the product of 2 attorneys--but the idea of putting some things in writing just makes me uncomfortable. At least, if the writing can be traced back! 

Anyway, I'm breaking my own unwritten (punny!) rule because..well..I'm excited!

Although I don't keep a pf blog, I do follow a few written by  others.
One of the sites included a post very recently about Smarty Pig.

I thought it was a cute name, so I visited the site.
I now think both the name and icon are cute. 

I also think it's a great concept.

You create short-term saving goals and the site helps you determine how much you need to transfer each month into their (relatively) high yield savings plan to reach the total amount. You get to set the time limit and keep track of your progress.

You can also accept donations from friends/family/others using a variety of privacy setting (or just save on your own), and receive smarty pig cards as gifts. 

When you've reached your goal you can have the $ transferred directly back to you bank account, or receive the amount as a gift certificate. If  you choose the gift certificate option you get a bonus amount added too. 

If you use smarty pig you clearly have to be really comfortable with online banking, and the idea of providing personal/financial information to secondary site. 

Since I also use I'm not that concerned, and they (seem) to have good security protocols in place. 
I'm going to do a little more digging and then I'll probably set up an account.

Perhaps B and I could add Smarty Pig gift certificates to our registry..whenever we get around to making one of those!