Monday, May 10

What not to write to an-almost graduate...

Or why I think it's really important to remember 2 things when sending emails to potentially over-caffeinated and definitely over-worked graduate students:

1. Do not give them additional things to worry about
2. Do not give them additional things to worry about

So, really it's just 1 simple rule.

If you need to email, call, or  otherwise contact a graduate student who is literally days away from graduating please be CLEAR and upbeat unless there is actually a problem. 

I received this email earlier:

Dear Saskia,

To oversee the MHS program and progress of each student, each term, the department reviews all MHS students transcripts. Please review your credentialing form which is attached. This is a great time to review your progress and meet with your adviser if there is any reason for concern. We encourage you to keep up the great work and come to us with any questions.

I  read this email and immediately began to worry. 
Why did I need to review my credentialing form with graduation just a few days away?
Was something wrong?
Were they withholding my diploma?

Seems that nothing is wrong.
Grades are in, essay approved..graduation here I come.

So I clearly panicked and read too much into this email.
Which brings me back to my  original point.

If you are sending out 14 emails, all of them addressed to seriously stressed students..would it kill you to write something upbeat? Something that clearly indicates that everything is on track, and that this just a final formality?

Is that too much to ask?!