Tuesday, May 18

Weekend round up: Al Di La Brunch, marathon babysitting, & 4 mile walk to the street fair

This weekend was packed!

Saturday morning I had a birthday lunch for a friend (happy belated birthday D) @ Al Di La.
I was really excited that D picked Al Di La to celebrate, because it’s been on my must-try list for ages.
Like since my second week in Brooklyn..!

It was worth the wait—although I do wish that I could have tried more things on the menu. Guess Ben and I will just have to save our pennies and come back for a full dinner. I had a (stop reading now mom & dad) delicious pork belly sandwich and a few bites of D’s pasta. Another friend, J, ordered some type of dandelion and white bean salad that also looked delicious. I didn’t get to try a bit though since he’s a vegetarian and I thought it would be bad form to eat some of his food and then have nothing to offer in return. A bottle of Prosecco shared between 7 people kept the lunch hopping along, and then a nice long walk to Blue Marble (cinnamon ice cream=amazing) finished off the rather decadent morning.

Then off to Park Slope to babysit for baby M. Luckily, Ben was able to join me at around 9 with offerings of Vietnamese food and The Wire. When baby M’s parents came home at around 1:30 Ben and I were so wired from staying up late that we ended up going back to our place for some reading.

I know, we’re so cool. We babysit together and then read late at night.

Sunday I made some tasty but kind of weird looking egg/chorizo/potato hash and then we walked over to 5th avenue in Brooklyn for a street fair. It was a really far walk..and a really far walk back!

See!? :

Ok, so it doesn't look that far on the little map. But it was super hot out and I was in sandals!
After several hours made it home with only a few blisters, and then engaged in what can only be described as a baking frenzy.
Details on the frenzy to come..