Monday, May 3

Strategy Update: Informational Interviews

A few weeks ago, a co-worker @ one of my internships reached out and offered to introduce me to some of their connections in the city.

I (very very gratefully) took this co-worker up on their offer and have thus far set up 2 informational interviews @ really interesting organizations that do advocacy work in the city.

I had my 1st informational interview last week and was able to learn a bit more about the NYC non-profit community. I also received some really helpful and concrete suggestions about cover letter writing and appealing to those who make hiring decisions. One of my goals for today is to use this new knowledge to improve the set of cover letters/resumes that I'll be sending out today.

I have my second informational interview on Friday and am hopeful for some more good advice.

I don't know if any of these meetings will actually help me find a job, but having some sort of strategy as I job hunt is making me feel a little more in control of the process.

I actually do think that these meetings will help--either directly through the networking or indirectly through the advice--but am really excited to have them even if they're just educational.