Wednesday, May 26

One last thing on the big birthday...

A big thank you for all the facebook messages, text message, tweets and calls on the big day!

Also, Ben & co. produced some pretty fabulous gifts in honor of my birth & graduation:

 From Ben:
A kindle!!

As I might have won a prize in 4th grade for reading the most books (thanks Mrs. Z for making me stand out as the COOLEST kid in the class..urg)..I think this might be the perfect present!

I've already downloaded a bunch of free books from Amazon and am excited that I won't have to lug actual books around on the subway anymore!

(also.. thanks to google images for this neat generic photo of a kindle..)

Ben also bought me a necklace made by our friend from accessories by ash ! It's nice having talented friends..

And can't forget my fabulous presents from Ben's Mom & Dad:
My shiny red Le Creuset pan!!
I only have one picture of my holding the pan & grinning like an idiot..which I refuse to post online! So instead, here is (yet another) generic google image.

My pan is actually a little more oblong, and has a cute matching lid..but you get the idea. 

It's cherry red and sooo beautiful!

I told Ben that it's also a present for he will now be the recipient of delicious baked pasta dishes and the like. 

He was excited until  he remembered that we don't have a dishwasher...we have him! Poor thing!

Since it was also my graduation this week, Ben's parents also sent me a really pretty glass earrings/necklace set. Or maybe the jewelry was for my birthday and the pan was for graduating? 

Either way, this week  has been a good one for presents!