Tuesday, July 7

Back back back!

Back from STL

I might need to add another cup of coffee to my daily routine.
I’m tired out !

B and I arrived back in NY at around 12 last night.
Our flight was delayed 2 or so hours to do an engine problem.
They ended up swapping out or aircraft for another one, but it caused a big hold up.

I was only marginally annoyed.
It meant less sleep..but after the recent plane issues (birds, French flights) I was happy to wait for a plane that was not having ‘problems.’

Anyway, we had a really nice but very busy few days.
BBQ @ C’s house and a K1 mini reunion plus friends
Some celebrating of baby E’s 1st birthday, and a visit with brand new baby L (such hard work visiting with so many cute little munchkins!)
A little bit of quality time with B’s family..with more to come in August. They’re taking a roadtrip and will be visiting for a few.

Even brought a few cupcakes home.
Just to show all these fancy shmancy NYC cupcake places what they’re missing.