Tuesday, July 21

Job Hunt #2

My current situation seems familiar somehow.
I’m finishing up a degree, I have an internship, and I need a full-time job.

It’s a little frustrating to feel like I’m in the same place I was 2 years ago.
I know that it’s not actually true—I’m in a bigger city & I’ll have an advanced degree this time around..but the mild panic sure feels the same!

I was also so lucky last time around.
B & A from Faith Aloud let me stay as an extended intern.
Then they wrote grants—more than 1—to keep me at the organization as a staff member.

While I believe I have created a good working relationship with my current supervisor, I don’t really see him trawling through his health contacts to find me a position.
He does bring me to meetings (where I shamelessly network and self-promote), but it’s kind of haphazard.

So, in an effort to not lose hope (I will find a job, I will find a job, I will find a job..) I decided to track my progress!

Thus far I’ve applied to a mixture of both internships and jobs. I figure an internship is a good start, or may provide me the opportunity to transition.

So far I’ve:

Applied to
2 Fall Internship Sites
8 Full time jobs applications

1 Internship Interview Request (scheduled for next week)