Wednesday, July 15

Top Chef needs to come back right 5, 4, 3,!

Top Chef Masters is just not cutting it for me (pun semi-intended)!

It's fun enough, but I can't really root for anyone because they're only around for 1 episode.

I know we're supposed to like them because they're famous, but I like learning about the contestants on the regular version over the course of the season.

Anyway, the real reason I'm ranting about a random cooking show is that the absence of my favorite has led me to watch....Chopped.


It's really bad.

Ted Allen is kind of terrible as the host.

And most of the contestants are dimwits.

The current episode features an EXECUTIVE CHEF who just poured curry powder over lamb in a saute pan and called it creative. Oh, and authentic.

Sorry executive chef cookoo, but curry powder is neither.

Must have new episodes of Top Chef before I hurt the television..


Anonymous said...

Agreed. I only ever really watched for the drama aspect of it, and the closest thing to that last night was thta the one chef was slow and meticulous? I seriously tuned out for probably 40 minutes.