Friday, July 10

Furniture shopping is water & you can play on all the merchandise

B's old sofa is a goner!


Well, sofa might actually be too nice a word.

It's a cushy love seat.

It's rather comfy, but has definitely seen better days.

Thanks to some help from B's mommy & daddy, we are now the proud owners of an actual sofa.

It's even a sleeper sofa!

Here's a picture:

Nothing too fancy.

Well, it is black leather.

That's a little fancy.

But not too fancy!

The kitty has no idea what's in store.

Plastic guards for the corners, and tons of spray bottles ready nearby.

This is what is looks like as a bed:

We're going to add a comfy pillow top.
Or maybe even an airbed on top of the mattress.
And pretty sheets.
It will look much fancier when we have guests over, I promise!