Thursday, July 30

Having visitors gives me an excuse to bake!


I should be eating lunch. I get a whole hour that I rarely take.
I only get paid for 7 hours a day, so I really should take advantage of the time.
Sadly, if I work through the hour I don’t get to save, bank, use it any way shape or form.
Stupid bureaucracy.

Anyway, instead of eating lunch I am going to post about the upcoming weekend.

Last weekend both of my siblings, S & S (yes we’re all S’s) came to visit. So did roommate #1 from last year, C. My parents were in town, but they did their own thing. Even married people need date weekends.

Even when they drop off S & S and go see shows without me (sniffle), it’s OK. They brought us new towels, blankets and sheets.

I think that one of the blankets is supposed to be for guests, but B really likes it and it has been appropriated for our use. In return, we will be offering guests the comfy blanket that no longer matches our duvet. Hooray for matching linens!

This weekend, roommate #2 from last year is visiting. N is coming back from Singapore via a stopover with her family in India. I’m excited to have back-to-back visits from C & N.

B’s parents will also be in town, but they are staying at a hotel. I think they’ll probably stay with us once our couch (FINALLY) arrives sometime next week, but for this visit they’re going to sleep somewhere with a real bed.

In honor of the visits, I spent most of last night baking.
1. Mini chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
Semi-homemade and everything (cake batter from scratch, store bought frosting..)
2. Pear cake
I adapted a recipe for peach cake. I hope it still tastes OK

I also made mini cakes. They might turn into special cakes for some birthday celebrations that are also occurring this weekend. But I don't want to get anyone's hopes up!


Brian said...

Good to hear you got a couch! That food sounds delicious.