Friday, July 31

Cupcake Disaster


I have a confession.
The homemade cupcakes I made the other day are not very good.
They’re too dry and a little tasteless.

In fact, I made another batch…and used a mix.
I just couldn't deal with back to back cupcake disappointment.

The second batch tastes OK.
The cupcakes are still strangely dry and a little crumbly.
Some of them also exploded into my oven.
I had to scrape up burnt batter late last night.

I’m not sure what’s going on.

I’m going to keep trying..but I think I need an internal thermometer for the oven.
Maybe that will help?

Also, is there a trick to cooking with gas?
I had a gas stove once before, but I’m relearning.

I haven’t had so many baked items fail in a long time.